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Towards the end of 2012, we put the call out to cyclists around Melbourne and Victoria to apply to join Bicycle Network’s first official cycling team.  The volume of applications received made it clear that the riding public was just as excited by the opportunity to represent the organisation as we were to give it to them. After reviewing all 300 applications, we are excited to announce that the following four riders will represent us on road in 2013:

These four riders are all excellent examples of the unifying power of cycling. Although from a range of different backgrounds, they have each come to see cycling as a defining passion and a means to challenge themselves, increase their fitness and demonstrate leadership in the bunch as representatives of Bicycle Network. We’re thrilled to have them aboard the cyan bandwagon, and look forward to a great year in the 2013 season.


12 responses to “Team Members

  1. Any women in the team? I’m not seeing much leadership in the gender stakes from bicycle network victoria in this endeavour.

  2. Great initiative but no women have made the team, that is very disappointing. How do I explain it to my daughter??

  3. Hi all,

    Thanks for commenting – a perfectly valid question!

    The members for the team were selected through an open invitation for applicants, receiving over 300 responses. We had high hopes of solid representation of both genders in the Team. Unfortunately, of those 300 applicants, only a handful were female. Of that handful, none were successful in meeting the criteria of team selection – for instance, were unavailable to ride in key events, unable to participate in group training rides or were not Bicycle Network members.

    We hope to be able to address the gender imbalance better in the future, ideally being able to field a female team in coming years. In the meantime, we hope Team Bicycle Network are able to demonstrate strong leadership in the bunches they ride in, and assist in the development of new road riders – of both genders.

    All the best,
    Team Bicycle Network

  4. You state that the female applicants were unavailable to ride in key events, unable to participate in group training rides or were not Bicycle Network members. Did you happen to ask yourselves why this is? Maybe it has something to do with issues that face women in many aspects of life – we are busy fulfilling other roles, particularly that of a parent. As a female rider, I find it difficult to participate in the amount of riding I would like to. This is mostly due to other commitments related to my role as a wife, mother and money earner. I think the team of men you have selected are great and will probably do a fantastic job, however, I would expect that some of them have children and the reason they are able to get out and be so involved in cycling is due to the fact that they have a partner at home looking after the kids! Seriously, I think you can do better and make more of an effort to accommodate the needs of what is a huge and growing group of bicycle riders – women!

  5. Perhaps a second round offer to engage some female representation? Also, sadly lacking is representation from rural/regional areas and. Perhaps the criteria could be revisited to address the gaps? Great initiative, I’m sure the team members will do a great job.

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